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Titanium 8mm Men's ring
Titanium 8mm Men's ring

Titanium 8mm Men's ring

ID : TETI 259
Condition :  New
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Titanium ring 8mm
Decorated and polished
Full Size : 8 thru 12
Half Size : NONE


Titanium is the only element possessing the strength of steel, yet with a weight comparable to aluminum. If offers the unique combination of beauty, strength, light wieght and bio- compatibility. Like Tungsten Carbide, Titanium also has a dark matallic color, but is extremely lightwieght. It is extremely bio- compatable because of its tissue compatibility and its elastic attributes, and hypoallergic. Titanium, like Tungsten Carbide, will not bend, however in the event of an emergancy; a ring can be removed by a medical profesional. Although it possesses a great tensile, strength, titanium is susceptible to scratching and showing wear.